Coach Doc Rivers says he will take responsibility after the LA Clippers are knocked out of the knockout stages

Not long after the LA Clippers season had slumped in stunning form, manager Doc Rivers said he could point his hand at him because the team failed to meet his enormous championship expectations.

After the Clippers fully unravel in game three in a row in a 104-89 defeat to Denver Nuggets in game 7 of the Western Conference semi-final at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Rivers said title expectations were not too heavy. as for his team, though the Clippers failed to achieve what many thought the entire season would be the western final against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"We didn't meet them," Rivers said of expectations. "That is the point. I am the coach, and I will take all responsibility for that. But obviously we did not meet our expectations, because if there is, in my opinion, We will still play. "

The Clippers squandered a 3-1 lead in the best series of seven in epic style. They have lost the double-digit lead of 16, 19 and 12 in the last three games, as the franchise's drought lasted the franchise's Western Conference final round that lasted 50 years.

Rivers is the only coach in NBA history to lose 3-1 in three playoff series, having done so with the Clippers in the West 2015 semi-final against the Houston Rockets and with Orlando Magic in the first round against Detroit. Pistons 2003.

This team, though, has been considered a championship …

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