Big deals are running again for N.F.L. will lead to sour grapes

Nobody really denied that Cook, Kamara and the others were helpful players in helping their team win. But the tertiary ranks produce dozens of muscular, speedy, determined and affordable racers in every draft class, while the rigors of getting to the teeth of N.F.L. the defense quickly wears off all but the rarest of backs.

The difference in marginal value between a 26-year-old All-Pro with 1,000 professional carrying their odometer and the typical average rookie doesn't come close to the cost: around $ 12 million per year for Veterans, under 2 million dollars for the Newcomer.

Furthermore, this rookie is more likely to produce positive results. Of the 15 back-backs that took over 1,000 yards last season, 12 of them had their original rookie contract and 13 of them were 25 or younger. The Dallas Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott was last season's only 1,000-yard bucket runner who is on contract renewal for the team that picked him up. Thanks to his $ 90 million worth of generosity towards Elliott, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is currently looking for a loose change on the sofa's cushion that limits his paycheck to him. can afford defender Dak Prescott.

Last weekend's action was filled with examples of the folly of paying too much for running. Cook sped 50 yards and touched the ball on 12 carry, while his minimum-wage backup, Alexander Mattison, dashed with identical 50 yards on six carry. Malcolm Brown, Gurley's low cost alternative for …


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