Taylor Rooks was N.B.A. Interviews go viral

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Taylor Rooks has been praised by her industry peers and sports fans for running several N.B.A. The season's most impactful interviews inside the league's bubble at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Fla.

She asked Jonathan Isaac of Orlando, Who is Black, if Black lives important to him after he doesn't wear N.B.A.'s Black Lives Matter during the warm-up, like everyone else did.

She asked Chris Paul, players federation president, what must happen before the players can successfully clamor to promote their social justice.

And when she could sense that Toronto's Fred VanVleet needed to talk about something other than basketball, she gave him the space to do it.

Rooks, 28 years old, organized “Bring it there with Taylor RooksThe interview program for Bleacher Report, among other missions for Turner Sports, and recently dropped off the N.B.A bubble. after reporting from within it for two months. Her exploratory questions led to some of the summer's most pressing discussions and most needed insights.

She spoke to The New York Times about bubble coverage and the challenges of becoming a black woman in sports journalism who is mostly white and mostly male.

This interview has been condensed and slightly edited for clarity.

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