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Team LSU had a secret outbreak of COVID-19 over the summer.

"I think most – not all of our players – but most of our players have caught it," LSU coach Ed Orgeron revealed Tuesday on a conference. from far away. "So I think hopefully they don't catch up and hope they don't have to play the game."

Initially spike in 30 or more cases was reported in June, and there are a few other cases reported here and there throughout the summer.

"Two weeks ago, everyone on our attack line except two or three were out," Orgeron said on Tuesday. "We made a fine tune."

Orgeron did not say what led to the outbreak. LSU Senior Associate Trainer Shelly Mullenix was not immediately available to comment.

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Currently, Orgeron says his team is doing better than ever.

"We feel very healthy," he said. "I believe we have about three or four people with COVID now, and not a lot of people are quarantined. I think we are probably better than we all camped now as the season entered. . "

The fifth place tigers …