'It's like choosing your favorite kid' – People in MLB in the race NL Cy Young

There's one thing Major League Baseball executives, scouts and players can agree on when it comes to National League 2020's Cy Young race: It's going to go down the line.

With the introduction of Los Angeles Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw, his current ERA 2.28 won't be cut off. Don't throw at most 10 games a season. That means Chicago Cubs Yu Darvish's right-hand man and Cincinnati hurdle Reds Trevor Bauer have the best chance of dethroning the two-time defending champion, New York Mets ace Jacob deGrom. But he didn't give up the award easily. This is possibly the tightest race in years.

"So close, I'm glad there's more time left," said an NL CEO not affiliated with the Cubs, Reds or Mets.

That might seem strange to hear in mid-September, as the season is almost over, but as the usual 12 seasons start is all anyone will get this year, two or three can make. out the difference. So where do people in the game lean? It depends on who you ask for.

"I want to go Darvish, deGrom, Bauer," said an NL general manager.

"Yu Darvish has been great but I'm leaving Grom," said one NL scout.

Each person creates a case for their guy, using a combination of stats and values ​​for their respective teams. Kershaw had a late start to the season, this was seen as against him. In a normal year, missing a few games will not receive a second notification.

"Kershaw started the season in the [injured list] that got him injured," said an executive. "I think he's 10 [round …

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