More games postponed with 4 other cases of coronavirus for cardinals

The Major League League baseball effort erupted during the pandemic took another frustration on Saturday when a St. Johns football player was sent to the club. Louis Cardenses and three staff members tested positive for coronavirus, forcing them to postpone their weekend series in Milwaukee.

After deciding the previous Saturday to postpone the game for that night, M.L.B. A few hours later, they announced Sunday's doubles match, which means teams won't play any games in their series unless they can be created elsewhere in the 60-game season. dense play. The Cardinal's second match in Detroit was also postponed, but the tournament said it would be made up as part of a doubles game at the weekend.

The Cardinals, who also had two players who received positive tests on Friday, now have six positives at their travel party and have become the second team, with the Miami Marlins, to undergo a spell of outbreak of less than two weeks into MLB Season. Marlins has 20 people, including 18 players, tested positive since last Sunday.

With Cardinal-Bia's delay, six teams – including 20% ​​of the tournament – were shut down this weekend for virus-related reasons. The Marlins and the Phillies hadn't played since last Sunday, when Marlins knew about their outbreak before a match in Philadelphia. With inactive teams, their expected opponents this weekend, Washington Nationals and Toronto Blue Jays, as well …


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