No bubbles for the NFL 2020 season? Why did the tournament decide against it, what's next

As the NFL is finalizing its plans for the 2020 season amid the coronavirus pandemic last month, epidemiologist Zachary Binney has advocated a serious strategy for anyone who hears. Binney said the tournament would need a closed 32 "market bubble" to keep its essential staff healthy during the COVID-19 hikes this fall and winter.

The NFL and NFL players associations have chosen differently, of course. And then, their decision to allow players and coaches to reach out to the local community drew new scrutiny after the Miami Marlins baseball experienced a major epidemic of the team in less than a week. the beginning of the MLB season. NFL health officer Allen Sills said on Monday that the tournament's plan was up to a "virtual football bubble", but its essential structure – strict rules while at facilities and yards. The team's advocacy, with instructions against high-risk behavior while in the community – performs NFL defenses basically the same as those that have been broken in baseball.

"If you're an NFL and you're looking at what happened to the Marlins," Binney said, "you have to hope that something like this will happen to you – unless you can change the course, re-enter negotiations with [NFL Players Association] and negotiate something like a home market bubble. "

Such a drastic change, like the player reporting to the training camp, seems impossible. Binney admitted "it will be extremely difficult" and in an interview with ESPN, Sills avoided …



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