Take coronavirus more seriously, let's say Olympic rowers got it

Women in the US National Rowing Team think young, healthy people need to use coronavirus more seriously. They learned it the hard way.

According to a doctor Peter Wenger, doctor of the research team, more than one-third of the research team was infected with Covid-19, a viral illness caused in March and April. Training center in Princeton, NJ

At least 12 women were infected with the virus, he said, based on the various test results of athletes and observations that he created from unchecked rowers but showed symptoms of infection. . During the first episode of infection, the test was not widely available.

In late March, a few days after New Jersey made an order at home because coronavirus began to devastate parts of the state, Marc Nowak, the group's physiotherapist, tested positive for the virus after seeing symptoms. cold-like testimony and promptly report them to the US boating.

In the past two weeks, Nowak said, he had direct contact with the group of the entire Women's group of 33 women during 30 minutes of physical therapy stretching hands and manipulating muscles and joints. Cautious – and fortunately for the team – Wenger used one of the limited coronavirus tests in his office to test his colleagues.

One by one, starting four or five days after exposure, the boatman began to show symptoms of infection.

In the first wave of the incident, everything was really sketchy …


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