Trump's coronavirus reaction could kill college football season

One of Donald Trump's favorite things, when the President visited football matches in friendly places, bathed his eternal necessity with applause and affirmation. Last season alone, he attended the LSU-Alabama match in November, the match between the Army and the Navy in December, and Football Football's Playoff championship between LSU and Clemson in January. The first is almost as ubiquitous in this sport as Kirk Herbstreit.

That it will become a futuristic vanity game by 2020.

There will be no regular sized college football crowd. Over there may not be college football, period. Pessimism permeates as the time for solutions diminishes. We're on the wrong track as a nation in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and one of the American cultural casualties is an effort that millions of us want and every sports department of the school. Universities need it.

If the season dies, we know who is most responsible for killing every opportunity: Donald Trump.



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