Alex Saucedo continues to progress, Josue Vargas succeeds despite the complications of 'Bubble'

While beating Sonny Fredrickson after 10 rounds, Alex Saucedo showed he has improved under the direction of coach Pedro Neme, but he is still in progress.

Under the coach before Abel Sanchez, Saucedo was known to be a lazy, friendly fan. The problem is that Saucedo has paid the price for the damage he inflicted on Lenny Zappavigna (in an all-action match, chosen as one of the best battles of 2018). It showed in a disappointing title effort against Maurice Hooker in Saucedo's hometown of Oklahoma City in November 2018.

After that night, the changes were made.

The bottom line is that Saucedo will always be taken to the ring, as his forward style often comes with a certain price. But with Sanchez, Saucedo's progress has stalled. In his fight with Hooker, he shows all the head movements of a statue. Neme was not brought in to change Saucedo, whose natural ring identity is a pressure warrior, breaking his opponent, but rather a warrior who is more defensive in the process.

Saucedo will never be mistaken for Willie Pep or Pernell Whitaker, but for Fredrickson, you see more head movement, a tighter chin, use the crossbow as an opponent obstacle and change the angle. while punching in close. The goal is to make sure he …

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