The discount of Lions RB D & # 39; Andre Swift in the imaginary draft will not last

The rerun insurance premium is almost back to good times when choosing two reruns in the first two rounds is a very common draft strategy. This is the way back when PPR scoring has just begun. We heaven quite reached those levels, but we're not far.

The unknown promise of a rookie never seems to tempt more drafters now. As evidence, just look at the average draft position of players like Clyde Edwards-Helaire (28, RB15), Jonathan Taylor (48, RB22) and Cam Akers (67, RB29).

The third rookie RB coming out of the PPR draft is the one I want to focus on. Going to the tournament, he is often cited as one of the best rookies, just promoting pure talent. He was a bit immersed in his situation, but that didn't stop me.

I talk about Detroit Lions RB DienAndre Swift.

First, let me allow senior football master SI Fantasyien Shawn children to be at the forefront of describing Swift's talents and situations. This is from his recently published Lions perspective (and yes, he writes this a lot for most decent players in the game):

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