‘Smart’ ’Powerful: Research finds trends in football broadcasts

MANCHESTER, UK – For two weeks, Premier League players fell to their knees in front of the matches, showing their support for the Dark Life movement for millions of viewers around the world. Their colleagues in the Bundesliga did the same. In Spain, Italy and the United States players followed.

The protests made it clear that the players did not believe that football was immune to the kind of system inequality that brought millions of people onto the road.

On Monday, a study questioning another aspect of football did not seem to be a level playing field.

Based on Research done by RunRepeat and published by the Professional Footballers Association, England and Wales Association of Players, the difference in the way European football commentators describe black and white players is clear. .

Documenting an issue that players have been frustrating for a long time, the researchers found that the broadcast commentators were not only capable of praising the white player more for their intelligence and leadership qualities. and their versatility, but also more likely to criticize black players for what they consider to be the absence of those attributes.

Instead, research shows that non-players tend to get compliments for their physical qualities: what Romelu Lukaku, the forward of Inter Milan, calledspeed and power factor. Black players are four times more likely to be discussed than their white peers …


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