I want to be happy that the Kentucky Derby will be running with fans attending this year. I really do.

And I hate the fact that it always falls on me to become real. He said, Who Whoa. Wait a minute there, forgive.

But someone has to do it. So here goes.

Are we moving a little too fast here?

In the two weeks after the match on September 5, you and I will have to be isolated for two weeks if we go to New York because we are the newest hot spot in the United States, where coronavirus is running rampant. And is our need for special care beds far beyond our ability to provide them?

Are we going to see national news with some of the sad speakers, "And in Louisville, Kentucky, they're seeing a big increase in coronavirus cases that are taxing the health care system. and their health experts calling for another closure of the economy in an effort to control the disease "?

Thousands of fans, no masks needed

Look at what's happening across the country right now as cities and states struggle to reopen their businesses without putting people at risk.

Texas and Florida each report more than 5,000 new cases on Wednesday and California reported more than 7,000 new cases. In Houston, 97% of the intensive care units are full. Wednesday saw more than 35,000 new cases in the United States

In Arizona, on Tuesday, the state reported a record number of new cases and deaths when …