Director of & # 39; Basketball: a Love Story & # 39; Is Missing Muse

Covid-19 had only forced schools, gyms, parks and health clubs to close, it ended hoopsters at every level throughout the city cherished: they ran.

No problem Tillary Street Park in Brooklyn on Saturday morning, old friends from 30 to 40 years old are still busy, fighting over calls, running five hours and five. Lawyer and white collar tournament banker at Reebok Club on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Gifts for teenagers and those who arrive late at Lincoln Park in Queens, West 4th in Lower Manhattan, Gun Hill Road in the Bronx, fight early in the evening. Today – or at least the days before the pandemic – with agents, sponsors and even transcripts.

Teachers, brokers, and former employees have conspired to pay off public school workers for their Saturday morning.

The combination of the old and the new, which has existed with the unprecedented, with everyone trying to improve. Some are actually with skills, some are still stuck in their comforting fantasies. All of them are in love, not merely escaping and competing, but the joy of being there, together, sharing what New Yorkers are trained to do: overcome, set the curtain. shaped, give chuck chuck.

It cuddled the round ball, for the first time, the metal or glass panel, the hole in the fence and the orange rim were all too familiar. Sweat has a problem, but not as much as the language when it passes, see you again next week. "

We will wear masks, we wash our hands. We do not …


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