The angels made significant cuts to the reconnaissance department, dispatching many employees before drafting the MLB

Although industry insiders remain optimistic that the Major League Baseball will play a revised season in 2020 despite the spread of COVID-19, that has not and will not prevent teams from taking measures. additional costs. On Saturday, tournament sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed to CBS Sports that the Los Angeles Angels will prune their scouting division in June, confirmed what Ken Rosenthal reported on The Athletic on Friday night.

The angels, who own the 10th option in the draft, will investigate their regional scouts after they release payment on May 31. Scout director Matt Swanson will then have to run. the group's draft on June 10 and 11 without input from those scouts. On June 15, the Angels will pay their cross-checkers before remaking them. After that, the Angels will operate leaving only the heads of their divisions, leaving them with only one basic staff.

The angels' cuts are thought to include international reconnaissance, some of which earn half the amount the domestic colleagues earn in a given year. (Scouts, it should be noted, almost always work on one-year deals worth the wages of ordinary people.)

A typical reconnaissance unit is set up like a pyramid. The director may have a fancy title and final voice during the drafting process, but regional scouts are almost always the first and most often seen …


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