NHL is set up to approve the 24 team playoff structure

The NHL Players Association is set up to approve proposals for a 24-team playoff format, based on conferences, according to a report from Bob McKenzie of TSN.

The agreement is not about the timetable when hockey will return to play, but the format that the tournament will apply when the time comes. McKenzie expects the proposal to receive 18 of the necessary 31 votes will be approved. The decision does not guarantee that hockey will return, as the federation and the federation of players still need to negotiate other details, including health and safety protocols.

NHLPA then announced that its management authorized the follow-up talks with NHL to return to the 24-team format, to reach a joint agreement with the tournament on resuming the season.

McKenzie describes discussions that sometimes become "hot," with individual players having different opinions on the proposed structure. Under this plan, the top four seeds in each conference will get goodbye to the second round, based on where things stand when NHL suspension of the season on March 12.

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