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Certainly, some sports are back. But "sport" as we know it, is largely still halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Today is 73 without sports. 🎥

In this lack of sport, the documentary is the new Super Bowl. And when they spread out on Sunday like ESPN's "The last dance," They ate our delicious food similar to the three-week side story of March Madness.

Of course, nothing can replace sports directly. But documentaries are trying their best to fill the void. That is why ESPN is broadcast a documentary about Lance Armstrong and just announced nine part series about Tom Brady.

We went back in time to determine 90s sports teams will be worthy in the 10-part treatment series for "The Last Dance", and we also reviewed 90s NFL teams can match the highest point of entertainment "Last Jump".

But the thing about "The Last Dance" is that it is promoted as a team documentary from unprecedented footage of Chicago Bulls Championship 1997-98, it's actually a 10-part documentary starring an engaging central character – Michael Jordan.

Although there are many athletes from older ages, we wish we could use even an iPhone to record internal swearing and conflicts like Muhammad Ali and Babe Ruth, let us watch the athletes …