Shaq: The three peat Lakers will beat the Bulls of Michael Jordan 'easily' if both teams are in their prime

While Shaquille O 'Neal and Michael Jordan have many intense battles, they can never face a dispute on an equal playing field. Oeal's Orlando Magic defeated the Jordan Bulls in 1995, but Jordan retired only in the middle of the season. When Jordan won his last two championships, Oeal was waiting for a teenager – Kobe Bryant developed enough to bring him back to the NBA Finals. The two never duk it out in ideal circumstances with the right teammates.

But what if they have? O 'Neal is betting on himself. When asked on SportsCenter, whether his three peat Lakers from February 2, 2000 can beat the Bulls at their peak, he did not hesitate. "Of course," said Oeal. "Yes. Easy."

What makes Shaq so confident in this result? "I will kill Luc Longley, Bill Wennington, Cartwright, yea." Bulls are hardly known for their size. Dennis Rodman's two-year-old defender may have made a difference, but O&N Neal suggested a four-time winner of that award at Dikembe Mutombo when the Lakers defeated Philadephia 76ers in the final. NBA 2001.

If there's one thing that slows down the Lakers, in O & # 39; Neal's mind, that would be his free kick. With Phil Jackson coaching the Bulls, Shaq is almost certain that they will come up with the no longer existing hack-a-Shaq strategy to send him into the ranks. O'Neal shoot 52.7 percent from …


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