Can Durant fighters defeat Jordan Bulls and Shaq and Kobe Lakers?

Shaquille OienNeal said his three peat Lakers will be able to beat Michael Jordan Mitch Bulls easily.

But you know what? I think with all my might, the warriors Kevin Durant will defeat both. It just doesn't make anyone romanticize them like that because of the way they came together and then separated.

It is very simple math … 73 + KD. And there's another one that really matters, ba. For example, the Warriors 2016-2017, Durant LeMons first season with Dubs, achieved 94 points more than the title teams' 96 Bulls and 2000 Lakers combined.

Now I'm not saying the three balls are the end of everything, but if basketball grows as I believe, then the Warriors team is the game at the absolute peak.

They used the entire floor and the versatile staff in the best way that I'm not sure who could compete. Certainly, Shaq will dominate them within and respect them as much as possible The late Kobe Bryant, but other than those two, could the Lakers match that firepower? And how does the O Room's Ticket fare defensively?

As for the Bulls, they are probably equipped as much as possible on D with MJ, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman but the Golden State will have Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson thrown at Jordan and I'm really not sure if that was ever anything like containing Durant and Splash Brothers until three.

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