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Impact of coronavirus: How the crisis is changing the United States

Older Americans are at higher risk for serious illness from the new coronavirus and most people over 65 are covered by Medicare.

Medicare has paid its subscribers most of what they might need if they were infected with the virus and seriously ill – and it expanded some services and relaxed some rules to deal with them. crisis.

This is a view of what subscribers can expect.

Does Medicare cover coronavirus testing?

Laboratory tests for coronavirus are required by health care providers that accept Medicare covered under Part B (outpatient services). This is the case if you are already enrolled in traditional Medicare or Medicare Advantage. Copays and deductibles for tests are waived, along with related services like doctor visits or hospital follow-up.

Does Medicare cover Covid-19 care, the disease a virus can cause?

Any necessary outpatient services will be covered under Part B, and if you need to be hospitalized, this service will be covered under regular Medicare Part A rules. This includes a deduction of $ 1,408 per stay and Daily copayments If your length of stay exceeds 60 days. The most common supplemental insurance policies used in traditional Medicare include 100% of them, but six million people register without additional insurance, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

For Medicare Advantage subscribers, out-of-hospital costs vary by program and length of stay. Kaiser research found that stayed five days or …


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