LeBron James endorsed Zion Williamson after the Lakers overcame the Pelicans

NEW ORLEANS – The Los Angeles Lakers need every bit of the trio to double 34 points, 13 assists, 12 rebounds from LeBron James to get the best 35 points of Zion Williamson's career in LA's 122-114 victory to sweep. Season series against the New Orleans Pelicans.

After everything was over, James and Williamson met in half the court, with his 35-year-old man in his 17th season passing on some encouragement to the 19-year-old who caused the NBA storm. in his rookie season.

After sharing his message with Williamson, James has another message for anyone who chooses to criticize his decision to embrace an upcoming competitor that he may meet again in the first round of playoff round.

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"Anyone who says, 'LeBron, why did he do that while he was playing? That's a sign of weakness. … He's close friends with the guys he is. will resist. "Tell them to kiss my ass," James said to end the dressing room meeting after the game. "Alright? With another smile. Appreciate it."

James and Williamson have given fans adjustments for many moments to appreciate in an encore that overcame a strong debut match between the two stars earlier this week, when James scored 40 peak season points to top score Attempting 29 points from Williamson at the Staples Center.

The two got back late in the first half, with James throwing a 3-legged 35 pointer to tie the score at 61 with 33.4 seconds left in the second quarter shortly after …

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