The Lakers lobbied for Davis as the defensive player of the year

(Reuters) – The election season is raging for the Los Angeles Lakers, who returned after the All-Star holiday with a clear campaign in mind: Anthony Davis for NBA Player of the Year.

PHOTO FILE: January 25, 2020; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Los Angeles Lakers striker Anthony Davis warmed up against the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. Credit required: Bill Strerich-USA TODAY Sports

Western Conference leaders have not subtly promoted their big man as the top defender in the tournament.

He can protect the rim, he can protect in the station, he switches to the guard, blocking shooting when the person is firing buoys and running and stealing. He does everything, LeBron James said after the team won 117-105 against Memphis Grizzlies on Friday.

Besides, why is he the defensive player of the year? There, there was nothing that he did not do well.

The testimony is not without foundation on one night Davis leads the Staples Center stage.

The power of 6 feet-10 chases the Grizzlies players around the perimeter and repels them in paint (the area around the basket), ends with seven blocks and steals even though he missed almost the entire quarter. First with a calf injury.

Taylor Wekinsre was one of the tournament leaders, and (Lakers) finished with 14 blocks, Taylor Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins told Reuters. They do a good job of crumbling paint. That's why (Davis) is one of …

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