Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reflects on the late Lakers legend

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used to give Kobe Bryant some basketball advice. Just over two decades later, Abdul-Jabbar then played peek with his little daughter Bryant, Gianna.

So as the bright star of the Los Angeles Lakers has handled the recent adoption of Kobe Bryant 41 years old, Gianna 13 years old and seven others in a helicopter crash just over three weeks ago, Abdul-Jabbar did not immediately follow his thoughts on Bryant's field achievements. . He reminisces about the times he hugged young Bryant and young Gianna. Abdul-Jabbar then thought of Bryant's surviving wife, (Vanessa) and his three daughters (Natalia was 17, Bianka was three and the baby girl was born).

"That, to me, is the most difficult aspect – the fact that his remaining daughters have no father," Abdul-Jabbar told USA TODAY Sports. "Gianna will not be here with her family. And then, there are other families affected by that accident. We don't even understand the complete loss. Kobe is very famous and known, but that's just part of it. "


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