Tyson Fury 'will seriously think about leaving. when the contract ends

Tyson Fury has been thinking a lot about his future in recent years. After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from boxing, Fury revived his career against Deontay Wilder in December 2018 in one of the most memorable heavy matches in the last 20 years.

Ahead of Saturday's rematch, with both men putting their respective titles and unbeaten records in a lucrative proposal, Fury is talking about a short shelf life for his career. in boxing.

"I am not yet a year old, but I have had three matches left in my contract with ESPN," Fury, 31, told Ariel Helwani of ESPN on Monday. "And after that, I will seriously think about leaving."

So why, on his greatest opportunity to date and in a revived heavyweight department, will Fury consider leaving in the biggest money-making window of his career?

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"Because I don't need to fight anymore," he said. "What is the problem? What will I earn from it? When I defeat Wilder on Saturday, I will finish the game. The game will be completed. I will win every title to win the game, from small to large, and I've twice won the Ring of The Ring – becoming the second man in history to do that, me and Muhammad Ali.

"Even after this victory on Saturday, there is nothing to do. Nothing to achieve."

Of course, there are prospects of many other ways for Fury to pursue. In the following months he victorious over Otto Wallin in September, Fury interrupted and …

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