WHO said there were no cases of cancellation and transfer of Tokyo Games: IOC coordinator

TOKYO (Reuters) – The World Health Organization has told the International Olympic Committee that there were no cases of cancellation or relocation of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on the outbreak of coronavirus, the head of the IOC Coordinating Committee. .

FILE PHOTO: A giant Olympic ring is installed in the waterfront area at Odaiba Marine Park in Tokyo, Japan, ahead of the official inauguration, six months before the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, on January 17, 2020. REUTERS / Issei Kato

The 17-day event is scheduled to begin on July 24. Japan said on Friday that it will step up testing and prevention after reporting the first coronavirus death and confirming schools. New fit, including doctor and taxi driver.

John Coates said the advice the IOC had received outside of the WHO from WHO was that there was no case for any contingency plan for canceling the Olympics or transferring the Games.

The widespread outbreak, which the epicenter is China's Wuhan city, has caused a number of international sporting events to be canceled, as well as 2020 qualifying contests for boxing and badminton. takes place in China.

Coates said the coordination between the task force of the Japanese organizers and other national authorities strengthened the IOC's belief that the situation was being properly addressed.

That raises expectations that we will be able to ensure that the Olympics will continue in a way that Vi is safe for athletes and …

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