The N.B.A. and China is showing signs of reconciliation

They occasionally do that. It also big business for them, there is N.B.A. in China, Leo Looney said. Hundreds of millions of people watch basketball in China – and I know they are not happy with the lack of access. But I doubt anything happens in N.B.A. Season, unless the government decides that bringing the game back will be a welcome distraction from the public health crisis.

The stakes are high for the tournament. Since 2004, N.B.A. played 28 matches in China. Player star annual travel for promotional tours. Shoe sales are a major source of revenue for manufacturers. There are many basketball fans in China, a country with 1.4 billion residents, compared to the United States, which has a population of 330 million. The federation maintains business operations in China with about 200 employees in offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. It also has an office in Taiwan, the democratic island that Beijing claims has asserted its independence from China.

I thought it was like something that would take time, he said that Todd Ramasar, an N.B.A. Agents with foreign customers have also negotiated deals in China. I can't think it's something as simple as saying that this focuses on N.B.A. This is much bigger than that.

The timing of the All-Star game, on Sunday, could be a blessing for N.B.A. because the greater domestic politics involved. On Friday, the first phase of last month's trade agreement between China and the United States will …


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