The Manchester City Champions League ban was issued in the past two seasons under the FFP investigation, UEFA announced

Manchester City has been banned for two seasons from the UEFA Champions League and fined 30 million euros for violating Fair Fair Play rules, UEFA announced on Friday After an investigation into the English club. The ban began next season when the club was found to have misled European regulators about funding Etihad, opening up opportunities for Other clubs in the Premier League to win places in the competition. The penalties also Cloud coach Pep Guardiola's future with the team.

Here are things to know about harsh punishments:

What is the reason for the ban?

The city was found to have a "serious" violation of UEFA financial fair and licensing rules. UEFA first learned that the City may have been misleading financially in 2018 when the German newspaper Der Spiegel Announcing leaked emails from the club. The report alleges that the City has exaggerated the value of a UEFA funding agreement so that they can meet the FFP rules that require clubs to break even.

This is part of UEFA's announcement of the ban:

The correction room, having reviewed all the evidence, found that the Manchester City Football Club seriously violated the UEFA Club's Financial and Licensing Rules by exceeding financial revenue. Your account balance and breakeven information sent to UEFA between 2012 and 2016.

The adjustment room has also found that in …


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