Super Bowl heads: Andy Reid proves that critics are wrong and cedes the legacy to his Hall of Fame.

MIAMI GARDEN, FLA. – When his players moved him and the confetti fell onto the pitch at Hard Rock Stadium, having removed any and all arguments against his Hall of Fame status, the head coach of Kansas City, Andy Reid unleashed what seemed to be a primitive, primitive scream, a release that was a career in creation.

Reid, 61, reached the peak of his career in the Super Bowl LIV, ending the 100th season of the NFL with a performance in the fourth quarter that dominated the San Francisco 49ers' 31-20 victory, following the how to run back to the many stories about him that he has heard for decades. It's an evening to end, once and for all, any suggestion that Reid is not a historically significant head coach for a multitude of reasons.

Patrick Mahomes said: "He is one of the greatest coaches of all time and he was present before this game." "But he deserves this."

Reid, so you might have heard, choking in big games, but he overcame a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter of the biggest game of his life, with Kansas City scoring 21 points. Consecutive to win the game. Reid, so they said, was sometimes too happy and predictable, but called 19 runs to 25 times in three-quarters, still balanced throughout. Sometimes, his time management is a cause of confusion, but there's simply nothing to say about this …


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