Super Bowl 2020: Game, coffee break is a huge spectacle

MIAMI's DJ Khaled, the DJ who was the DJ, like him, during the warm-up before Super Bowl LIV. Resting between songs, he asked the crowd to shout for the 49ers, and a loud roar rang from the seats. But when he made the same request from Chiefs fans, it was clear that they appeared in larger numbers. The supporters had an almost insane energy, an infectious desperation accompanied by Kansas City's first chance, to win the Victory Cup in Bologna after 50 years. Even an hour after launch, adrenaline rushed through the stadium as if it was the fourth quarter.

You can always feel it after the anthem ends, how many fans are really there, Travis Kelce ending up tight in the locker room after the game. At first, I knew for sure that we had a crowd on our side. The air and electricity of the Super Bowl itself gives you enough energy to play, but when you play and you hear the crowd go crazy, it also gives you a little extra juice.

This game has juice, okay. Every aspect of Super Bowl LIV is on fire. The tournament drew all its 100-year anniversary stops for hype videos and pregame festivals. It brings football legends like Jim Brown, Mike Ditka, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice and Bill Belichick (who, if my ears hadn't cheated on me, surely booed) along with the rest of the NFL 100 All-Time Team, before the match. NFL also followed the famous television hotspot last year …

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