Lakers, LeBron honor Kobe Bryant at Staples Center

LOS ANGELES – Lakers' home games are probably the most unique basketball experience in the world, especially when the team is really good. Dim lights make the action on the field look like a power. Organ music added an old school, showtimey contact. The most famous people in the world, apart from those who actually play, are scattered on the sidelines to add some dramatic power. Witnessing a game of Laker is equivalent to attending high school parties you were never invited to. Great factor is worth the price of admission alone, and that before LeBron James throws down a good bait, or the Anthony Davis pirates around a defender to catch a tall lobster.

This year, in particular, the Laker games have the added benefit of being self-confident and not artificially courageous, but only infiltrating the most unreasonable of the hard dead throughout the years of organization. Both the crowd and the team act like they know they can crush opponents at any time. The crowd stood on everything, not only the plays of the megawatt of Bron and AD, but also the counter-attacks of Dwight Howard and Alex Caruso diving for a loose ball. Everything about the experience at Staples screamed marquee. Lakers is the best program and no errors, it is not a basketball game, it is a program.



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