Kobe Bryant tribute: Lakers honorary legend with LeBron James speech, Usher performance, cellist, emotional video

The death of Kobe Bryant shook the NBA and the city of Los Angeles to its core, and the Lakers as an organization are still grieving over the loss of their legend. Fans have flocked to the Staples Center by thousands to pay homage, and tonight, the Lakers will play the first game since the tragic helicopter crash that killed Bryant, his daughter. Gianna and seven others.

The feeling before the game is a funeral. Lakers has created one of the most moving tributes in the history of professional sports. It started with a performance of Usher, who showed off a wonderful remix of Amazing Grace.

Usher's performance is followed by a stunning video built around some of Bryant's best moments and quotes accompanying cellist Ben Hong.

However, the moment that really stood out was the speech LeBron James gave to end the tribute. In its own words, "Mamba came out, but didn't forget."

When the starting lineup was announced, all five Lakers were called Kobe Bryant.

And then, like every other NBA team since the deaths of Bryant, the Lakers and the Blazers each committed fouls of 24 seconds and 8 seconds to open the game.

Before the match, the entire Lakers squad went on to wear Bryant's shirt.

Gianna's teammates are also very happy in the game.

In his memory, the Lakers revealed some tributes before the arena even opened on Friday. Most noticeable is the one they will wear ….


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