The old player has mixed feelings with Mike Fiers

TEMPE, Ariz. – The feelings of former players, coaches and managers may not be shared by the current rankings and files, but they feel more outraged and frustrated by Oakland's athlete Mike Fiers – Famous whistle-blower since Jose Canseco The actual contact of Houston Actual fraud fraud of Astros.

The Astros scandal, the use of electronic equipment may have shocked the baseball world, but it hardly created a ripple among former players, managers, coaches and executives. gathered on Friday at the Major League Soccer Dream Dream Series in Tempe.

They say cheating is always a part of the game, and most people, including the Major League baseball team, are happy to look at it another way.

LaTroy Hawkins, a 21-year-old veteran, is the special assistant of the Minnesota twins, saying that I played in the steroid era. Why are so many people upset? I look at it this way, people are trying to do something to gain an advantage. They had the opportunity to use technology. They did. And was arrested.

Mike Fiers threw the ball for Astros from 2015-17.

Did they take it too far? Sure. People lost their jobs. Some people may have lost their career. The Major League Baseball did a good job of sending a message to the rest of the tournament that it would not be tolerated. They dropped the hammer.

Who knows how long it would take without Fiers to speak publicly with The Athletic and MLB investigators, expose the fraud of Astros, …


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