When the title gets tarnished by fraud but not taken away

In the coming years, this could be the week in which this sports era is known as the asterisk era.

Over the course of a decade wearing a solar camera, rogue chemists, executives with pliant morality and Soviet espionage, two-handed troublemakers – science and technology – have been for seemingly limitless crooks to win on diverse playgrounds such as the Olympic Games, Major League Baseball, NFL and Horse Racing.

Houston Astros's plagiarism plan, launched in a sober but unclear report from the baseball commissioner on Monday, is the latest incarnation of that old sports saw, if you're not cheating. You will not try. World Series 2017 champions have mingled high-tech with low-fi – use a TV screen near the dig to watch the catcher give his throw signals, then have his teammates smash the trash to Let the batter know what's going to happen.

For clean sports advocates, this looks like a more powerful weapon that athletes, teams and organizations have used to win the game and wear a fair play police shirt, adding a The truth about a champion spilling out too late.

In 2014, the Russian Olympic Committee stepped up the transport of medals by asking doping experts to cooperate with the country's intelligence services to transfer urine samples through a hole in the test lab wall. On the way to the six Super Bowl championships, the New England Patriots have been convicted of using …


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