Luke Kuechly joined Rob Gronkowski, Andrew Luck when he retired early NFL

Luke Kuechly, the words rolling out of his lips in a measured and almost monotonous clip.

Without the proper time to walk, he was the online supporter seven times said video message was released to him by Carolina Panthers on Tuesday night. But now is the right time for me.

One of the best NFL inside the linebacker – scratch it. One of NFL's best defensive players, the stage, is leaving the game. At 28. And with two years and more than 20 million dollars left in his contract.

The news brought along the original surprise. But as Kuechly's message of the world continued, it was obvious how well he thought of a good decision. As teammates and opponents alike flooded social media with signs of good respect and desire For eight-year veterans, it was obvious, they received it.

Goodbye is never easy, especially when they seem early. But when Kuechly joined Rob Gronkowski and Andrew Luck To become the third level player last year to retire before his 30th birthday, his decision also has a large normal level.

Luke Kuechly is the 2013 NFL defensive player of the year.

In this 100th season of the National Football Federation, the landscape continues to change.

Today, NFL players are better educated about injury risks, more knowledgeable about business and financially safe and pay less attention to the game.

They still love professional football. That certainly, especially to hear Kuechly speak.

I feel sad because I've been playing this game since I was a kid and …


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