L.S.U. Won a championship. Its next challenge has begun.

NEW ORLEANS – Signs of an innovative football empire are everywhere as Monday night merges with Tuesday morning: cigar smoke covers Louisiana dressing room, purple and yellow confetti on the field of Superdome, the reporter and the state army surrounding a career coach were everything but left to die not long ago.

On Monday night, L.S.U. – a program that only two years ago failed to beat Troy, a team for which it paid nearly $ 1 million to play – once again reaching the peak of a season. But the recent history of college football shows that LSU, who started this season as a weak man even in his own division, faces a major challenge in maintaining his position. top.

Ed Everything is in position to have the seasons we need to have, Ed said, Ed Orgeron, of Louisiana descent, who grew up dreaming of raising tigers.

Since the beginning of the 1998 volleyball championship era, which finally gave way to Football Football's Playoff system in 2014, a champion has repeated success by winning the crown only once. : Alabama. But L.S.U. has now accrued many second titles during those 22 seasons – more than Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Southern California or, yes, Clemson.


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