WNBA reached an expected eight-year labor agreement with the player

(Reuters) – The National Basketball Association of Women and their player associations on Tuesday said they had reached an eight-year labor agreement expected that would see average compensation for the first time. Every year the players reach six numbers.

The deal, starting in the 2020 season and until 2027, will see players earn an average of $ 130,000 and allow women to collect full wages during maternity leave.

Under the new deal, pending approval by the tournament's players and board, top players will be able to earn over $ 500,000 in compensation, more than triple the previous deal. .

WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, speaking during a conference call with executives from the National Women's Basketball Player Association (WNBPA), called the deal a breakthrough.

We clearly have a moment, with more to come, and we have a movement driven by a lasting recognition and celebration of women's power, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said in a conference call.

I am very proud of the players of this tournament … they paid attention to many important topics in this negotiation, they led the story and will continue to lead the story about the meaning of a professional female athlete.

Under the new agreement, players with children will be provided with two-bedroom apartments as well as comfortable, safe and private places in the workplace for nursing.


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