L.S.U. Won the title the way it won all the seasons: Behind Joe Burrow

NEW ORLEANS – When Joe Burrow appeared on the Louisiana campus less than two years ago, was fascinated by a cow dinner, Coach Ed Orgeron's irresistible charm and the opportunity to pursue his dream were denied in Ohio, it was a fake marriage.

The pebble coach needs a midfielder he's never had before, and the young midfielder needs a team to lead after sitting on the bench for three years at his home.

The leap of faith once believed in each other came to a spectacular conclusion on Monday night, when L.S.U. Limit a magical season with winning 42-25 overcome Clemson to win a national championship at Superdome.

Clemson battered Burrow, fired him five times, but he still tortured the defenders in 463 yards passing and five touches of the ball, running in another like L.S.U. up from an early 10-point deficit.

The victory won Clemson's 29-match winning streak, after winning one of the toughest unbeaten chains any team has ever achieved. L.S.U. defeated six of the top 13 teams in the Playoff Football College rankings last season.

Although Clemson tried to win the third championship in …


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