A suitable cough shows the player who qualifies for the Australian Open

MELBOURNE (Reuters) – A player collapses during a coughing spell and is forced to withdraw from the Australian Open qualifier on Tuesday after organizers plowed ahead of the match despite the haze rising from Melbourne.

The Slovenian team Dalila Jakupovic is leading 6-4 5-6 in her qualifier against Stefanie Vogele at Melbourne Park as she knelt at the back of the blue hard yard with obvious breathing difficulties.

Her retirement came only hours after tournament director Craig Tiley decided to proceed to the qualifiers after they were initially delayed due to poor air quality.

Today, when we woke up the haze was very important, so we made the decision to suspend training and as a result started the qualifying match an hour later than originally expected, Lemon Tiley told reporters before retiring Jakupovic.

During the time we suspended training and restarted the matches, there was an improvement in the conditions.

The Australian Tennis Authority has previously stated in a statement that on-site conditions are (improving) and are being monitored continuously after the Victorian environmental watchdog warned residents in home, bring pets inside and close windows.

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