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It was a long, eventful journey, but we ended the college football season 2019, with the Playoff National Football Championship held on Monday night inside the Mercedes-Benz Supercar in New Orleans. . The most anticipated battle for the biggest prize in the sport this year will see LSU No. 1 go up against national champion Clemson, who participated in the playoffs as a team. Third in the country despite an unbeaten season.

This season, starting from August 24, 2019, will finally come to the conclusion that Monday night is the longest in the sport's history. Both LSU and Clemson have had an incredible 16 days of preparation for the match – a period we've never seen in preparation for a title game since the BCS era. And with two of the best coaches in the country participating, you can be sure these two teams will be ready to fight it in New Orleans.

The LSU entered carries all the weight of a "fate squad". Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow combined one of the greatest individual seasons we've ever seen from midfield, leading to an offense that has given the most points in every match ( 48.9) in the Footballoff Playoff era. Everything changed for these Tigers when they could finally win a defeat against their Alabama opponent from 2011-12 BC …


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