Kelly Slater misses the Olympic Surf when John John Florence is eligible

No surfer makes more waves and bigger moments than Kelly Slater, and on Thursday at Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii, the 47-year-old man positioned himself to be another memorable combination.

After reaching the semi-finals of the Billabong Tube Masters, an event he has won seven times in his career, Slater needs to win two more hot – semi-finals and finals – to overcome John John Florence and win a position at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

But Slater's hope was wiped out in the semifinals of the Masters Masters, an event held in Oahu Long North Shore, this year, marking the end of the Olympic qualifying process for the World Surf League.

His defeat against Brazil The Italo Ferreira scam took the last place in the American men's team to the Florence, Slater team, longtime protect, rivals and neighbors.

Florence, 27 years old have won world titles lasting both 2016 and 2017. I am excited I have accomplished that goal, he said. "I was out of work."

Surfing will premiere the Olympic in Tokyo next summer. This field will be limited to two men and two women each country.

American Kolohe Andino went into this event, the final of the World Surf League season, ranked fifth in the rankings and won one of the US Olympic Olympic positions.

Slater needs to complete at least two rounds before Florence to trap the other. On a sunny day of long lulls and irregular waves, both of them made it to the quarterfinals.

Slater is back to beat Australia's Jack Freestone with two big points at the end …


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