Trump told military-naval athletes to relax the rules that could help them go pro

While conscription institutes have long competed in college sports, they mostly emphasize the training of future officers instead of acting as a stepping stone for athletes to find. Earn a career in pro tournaments.

Under one New policy of the Ministry of Defense promoted by President Trump on Saturday at the Army-Navy's soccer match in Philadelphia, a few athletes good enough to attract the attention of experts may not need to choose an alternate route. because of another way.

The new rules, announced earlier this year and approved in a memorandum signed last month by Defense Secretary Mark Esper, allow athletes to have a real stroke of playing professionally. to seek a delay in their military service, a request usually lasts about five years after graduation.

Trump and the Esper visited Army and Navy players in each locker room before their annual rival match, which the Navy won 31-7, and told them that new rules would help them play. after graduation.

You can go out and make money, and after you finish the professional work, you will go and you will serve. And everyone was happy, Mr. Trump said in the Army's dressing room. Meaning you can go out and do whatever you want.

The Department of Defense's policy for professional career-seeking athletes has changed back and forth in recent years, with athletes being required to pay back the cost of joining their academy if they were to immediately Immediately play professionally without being exempt from the exam.

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