Utah, Alabama in victory, loser

For all the debates and controversies that have been raised since the advent of the college football Playoff, the annual heavy focus has been in fourth and final place. Once again in 2019, the debate erupted in: No. 5 Utah, Number 6 Oklahoma and Number 7 Baylor are set to come down the line in identifying the last team in the field, unless one of the 4 Georgia or Number. 8 Wisconsin – if not both – threw the entire business into turmoil during this weekend's session of the conference championship.

The race for number 4 is the problem, but the hunt for number 1. The latter always has some importance due to the ability to land at the semi-final destination closer to home. This year's competition for top spot has another attractive class.

Alabama looked in after a missed goal that could have forced its match against Auburn in the fourth quarter at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

With Clemson locked in 3rd place so Ohio State No. 1 and LSU No. 2 win on Saturday, the top of the play-off rankings will finally avoid the defending national champions in the semi-final. , instead be one of the champions from Pac-12 or Big 12 – tough, solid matches, but none of the scary potential pairs like Clemson.

POWER BANK:ACC | Big 12 | Ten big | Pac-12 | HOURS

PLAYOFF BANK:Ohio remains No. 1, while Utah leads Oklahoma

PROJECT BOWL:Oklahoma passed Utah into fourth place playoff

In terms of fourth and last place, it will come to the game on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon. Utah and No. 13 Oregon met on Friday to tackle Pac-12. The Sooners and Bears met in a rematch on Saturday to decide …


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