Steelers' Maurkice Pouncey has no regrets & # 39; about your role in the battle with the Browns

PITTSBURGH – Maurkice Pouncey has no regrets about his role in the battle between Steelers midfielder Mason Rudolph and defensive Browns ending Myles Garrett three weeks ago in Cleveland.

Pouncey, the waiter suspending the two games, was very happy and light on Wednesday while speaking publicly for the first time since the brawl.

"The NFL had to make a statement, and rightly so," the Steelers center said of the discipline that imposed the tournament following the change. "At the end of the day, the fight doesn't look good, but the fight is worth it."

Pouncey was initially suspended for three games and fined $ 35,096 for the battle. He ran towards the fight when Garrett swung Rudolph's helmet as a midfielder, hitting him in the head. Pouncey punches and kicks Garrett.

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Pouncey gained his appeal after telling the NFL that he had stopped fighting when the brawl was over. His punishment was reduced by a game.

"As soon as the quarrel stopped, I stopped," said Pouncey. "They didn't have to stop me, I didn't chase the players. It was just a boy."

Despite the discipline, the 10-year veteran said he did not regret his actions from that night.

"No regrets," Pouncey said. "I have moved in now, my friend. Everyone has to pay their fines. Everyone has to work their hard work. The money is worth it, trust me."

Pouncey also denied Garrett's allegations that Rudolph used a racial slurs.

"Come on man, that's not true at all," said Pouncey. "Honestly, you know Mason. You've been around …

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