James Harden ruined it. Verdict: No basket.

James Harden rose for an unverified dunk. It went into the basket with great downward force, like so many of his others had before. Then there appeared an apparent violation of some of the basic laws of physics.

The ball passes through the ring, but then backs up to the top of the rim, where it bounces twice before flying away, giving the impression of a missed shot.

The ball clearly went through the ring before flying up, but the verdict on the pitch had no basket, to the Rockets' skepticism. Coach Mike DiAntoni protested and tried to challenge the call, but was rejected.

Every major point in the game, will double the number of hours before the Spurs defeat Harden, Rockets, 135-133, on Tuesday night.

The blowing call now reminds the call for the game to be given to the Rockets, or replayed from 7:50 in the fourth quarter, when the dunk is not allowed.

When the match happened, Harden went in for a dunk, and then the ball appeared to let us bounce back through the net, referee James Capers told a billiard reporter. When that happens, it's basket intervention. To have a successful field goal, it must delete the network.

But he added: Since then we have come here and watched the play. He dipped it so strongly that the net brought it back to the ring a second time, so in fact, it cleared the net and should have been a successful goal.

Capers said the play could not be replayed because of the 30-second window for challenges …


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