Clay Helton: USC makes a big mistake in retaining a head coach

Today college football is an arms race. Whether it spends millions of dollars on top head coaches, top assistants, major stadium upgrades or fitted locker rooms, the clear message for top shows: Win by at any cost.

The price USC needs to pay to start a race back in college football, the upper class is a $ 20 million acquisition of Clay Helton. It was Clay Helton, who set a record 13-14 before the Power 5 teams with a winning record. Clay Helton also has 12 double-digit losses in 61 trained matches.

By sticking with a permanent guard for another season when he's actually been given five to prove he's the right person for the job, the message is loud and clear in Los Angeles: USC Not fully committed to winning in today's college football era.

USC have gone 8-4 this season, including a 30-23 victory at home to 11-1 Utah. However, if you dig deeper, the Trojans record is not so impressive. Eight victories came to teams with a record of 46-50 combined (0.47). Out of those eight victories, five matches against teams in which the quarterfinals throw the most passes were contingency and / or starting their first college degree. Four defeats have occurred in teams with a record of 34-14 (.708). Once again, despite being on a similarly talented playing field, a USC led by Helton often withered away from stronger competition.

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