The Davis Cup organizers hope for magic to begin in Madrid

(Reuters) – Eighteen countries will gather in Madrid the smell of La Caja Magica on Monday when the men's tennis season culminates with a revamped Davis Cup format dreamed by a man who makes a living by how to play soccer for barcelona.

The week-long Davis World Cup-final Davis Cup final will be the most shocking event for the 119-year-old team event that has ever been and is being invested by Barca's investment firm Gerard Pique, Kosmos. adjusted 3 billion dollars over 25 billion dollars a year

It has not been a smooth sailing for the International Tennis Federation (ITF) since it announced a radical overhaul with some allegations of organizing the sale of the soul of a competition loved by tennis players, but gradually lost the light.

There is also a small issue of the ATP Cup – considered a competitor – launched in January.

For any major sporting event, the key ingredient will be entertainment quality and atmosphere.

Nineteen-time Grand Slam champion, Rafael Nadal will lead the Spanish team, while Novak Djokovic will play for Serbia, Andy Murray for England and Nick Kyrgios will surely spice when he becomes a serious opponent. Sign of the Davis Cup Australia.

But there will be noticeable absences. Roger Federer of Switzerland is not eligible, world No. 5 player Dominic Thiemien Austria also missed while Germany will be without Alexander Zverev, who has shunned the event.

Russia's fast-rising Daniil Medvedev withdrew this week to recover from a long season while …

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