James Wiseman, Memphis Standout, Fighting is not eligible

James Wiseman, a leading basketball outlook expected to play the leading role for the University of Memphis this season, has filed a lawsuit against N.C.A.A. and university on Friday after the remote sports governing body declared he was not eligible to play. A judge quickly issued a temporary ban on clearance of Wiseman to play for Memphis on Friday night.

The Memphis Sports Department said in a statement that Wiseman's family has accepted $ 11,500 in travel expenses from Penny Hardaway, a former Memphis and N.B.A. The star is currently a university coach. The family moved to Memphis from Nashville in 2017, when Wiseman was a high school student. The university said Wiseman did not know about the payment, which would be banned by N.C.A.A. Rule.

The payment came when Hardaway was training at Memphis East High School, where Wiseman finished his high school career. Hardaway became a coach at the University of Memphis in 2018.

The judge's order, published by the university, arrived just hours before Memphis was scheduled to play the University of Illinois-Chicago in. Friday evening. Wiseman started in the center and got 4 points, 6 rebounds and 5 shots blocked in the first half.

Wiseman's case, filed with the Chancery County Shelby Court, lists N.C.A.A., Memphis and others as defendants. Wiseman's lawyer, Leslie Ballin, did not immediately respond to messages from The New York Times seeking comment.

University officials said they are working with N.C.A.A. employees.


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