P.J Fleck exerted pressure on Minnesota before the clash of Pennsylvania

Before hanging up the phone, coach P.J. Fleck of Minnesota wants to make sure I understand something going on in the most anticipated game of his coaching career.

Row's boat is still alive and well, he said, pushing back one last time on the compliment I've spent the past few minutes trying to pay him.

Here's what you have to understand about 38-year-old Fleck, who became nationally popular three years ago on a slogan and message while leading Western Michigan to the regular 13-0 season: He's exactly him. and do not want to be described in any other way.

The P. P. Fleck coach led his team to the field before the match against Georgia Southern at TCF Bank Stadium.

So when I suggested to Fleck that, from afar, this time I felt a little different and the story with Minnesota ranked 8-0 and 13 talked more about the good football his team is playing. play before this Saturday's game. 5 The state of Pennsylvania and less of Fleck's personality and slogan, he politely made me frank. In the end, all is part of the package.


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