Fantasy soccer standings: Week 9

The fantasy soccer rankings for Week 9 are based on the points-to-point (PPR) method used in most fantasy and seasonal football formats. One point is awarded for every 10 dumping and receiving yards and one point for every 20 yards that pass. Six points are awarded for touches, four for passing TD and one for reception.

Goodbye: Atlanta, China, L.A. Rams, New Orleans

The rankings are aggregated by

(* – Be sure to check injury / condition before starting


1 Sea of ​​Russell Wilson. vs T.B.

2 Deshaun Watson Hou. at Jac.

3 Aaron Rodgers G.B. at L.A.-C

4 Matthew Stafford Det. at Oak.

5 Dak Prescott Dal. at N.Y.-G

6 * Matt Moore K.C. compared to the minimum

7 Lamar Jackson Bal. vs N.E.

8 Gardner Minshew Jac. compared to Hou

9 Tom Brady N.E. at Bal.

10 Philip Rivers L.A.-C vs. G.B.

11 Cousin Kirk. at K.C.

12 Josh Allen Buf. compare to

13 Jameis Winston T.B. marine.

14 Jacoby Brissett India at the Pit.

15 Jimmy Garoppolo S.F. at Ari.

16 Ryan Tannehill. at the car.

17 Carson Wentz Africa. compared to Chi.

18 Derek Carr Oak. compared to Det.

19 Daniel Jones N.Y.-G vs. Dal.

20 Mason Rudolph Hole. compared to India

21 …


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